Susan Dollmont

Born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh, Susan began playing the saxophone at the age of eight.  After a strong classical training she graduated with a a Music Degree from Duquesne University. From there, she went on as a professional doubler in musical pit work and playing in many combo settings. Her work has ranged from a complete horn band style ensemble to successful quartets, trios and duos. Susan has shown her skill in Classical, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Contemporary Music.

Throughout the years Susan has expanded her techniques and knowledge by attending the TRSQ workshops yearly, studying with such greats as Marino Galluzzo, Phil Woods, Fredrick Hemke, Nick Brignola , James Houlik and Ernie Watts. 

Susan continues to be heard within the professional scene. Although, her strength is in Classical and Jazz music, she currently remains quite active in the R&B and Rock genre........ Her attraction lies within the ability, the tone and conviction in playing great music.